About this site

This site is basically a scrapbook

A place to put all the pictures, lists, scraps of information and scribblings that I’ve accumulated over twenty years of my ongoing fixation on model figures.

I have been collecting model figures since the eighties; starting with the small-scale 28mm metal figures used for games playing; ending up with the large scale resin figures known as ‘garage kits’.

What you won’t find on this site

time_machine2You won’t find anything much on this site about military and machine models (soldiers, planes, cars, tanks, spaceships) or subjects connected with film and tv shows (Star Wars, Star Trek, Hellraiser, Frankenstein, The Mummy, Dracula, etc.) There are one or two exceptions – but only a few.

In other words, you’re on my turf here.

My taste in kits is a little different. Or, put it like this: I’ve never come across another modeller who shares it in quite the same way.

What you will find on this site

Writings about the hobby. Information, explanations, rants, jokes etc.

A tutorial section with tips and techniques for building and painting kits.

An articles section with some of my ramblings and musings

A gallery with pictures of my own build-ups.

A figure vault with pictures of other people’s work.

A links list for other sites on the web that are connected with the hobby: modellers, sculptors, clubs and dealers.


I’ve disabled comments on most of the site because of the time I waste cleaning up after spambots but I do welcome them. If you have a comment, please follow this link.

Recent build-ups

Space Animals – Raccoon Miniatures

The Butcher – Killer Kits

Phenomina – Puninuko

Supreme Intelligence – Schell

Lars Bundlestick – Jordu Schell

Celtic Vampire – Legend

Western Doctor – Little Generals

Praying Mountain Man – Little Generals

Thaddeus & Kei

Thaddeus & Kei


Blaylock Steampunk Biker – MDP


Zombie bust by Aris Kolokontes

The Chrononaut - Industria Mechanika

The Chrononaut – Industria Mechanika

Mine by Shawn Nagle

Mine by Shawn Nagle

The Embrace - Chichoni

The Embrace – Chichoni


2 Responses to Welcome to the site

  • David Clough says:

    Hi Paul,

    Thanks for the compliments. The Sol range do include some nice figures. I bought mine from a British mail order company some years ago who don’t seem to be around.

    Otherwise I’d look on E-bay or, if you cant find them there, advertise on one of the big model figure sites (see my links). Prices seem to have doubled since I bought them but I suppose that’s to be expected.

    Best of luck anyway


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  • Paul says:

    Great completed figures, very inspiring.
    Normally I only do military historical figure but recently bought and enjoyed making ‘FIN’ by SOL model corporation
    I am trying to source 2 kits you show on the gallery of your stash by Sol in 1/8th
    Called ‘Immaculate’ and ‘Ney’
    If you have any suggestions of how to go about tracking them down I would be most grateful.

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