WIP: Celtic Vampire

Celtic Vampire by Warriors

October 2017

This is one of two vampire busts I have that were produced by Warriors, the other being a mean looking biker. The cloak on the box art features a tartan or plaid that is a sickly yellow and green which I’d rather like to copy. It’s a nice casting, very clean with hardly any mould lines.

I think I may leave off the hand holding the stake for the moment so that I can get at the torso. Weirdly there was no socket hole for the square key on the wrist so I had to chop one out with a burr tool – messy!

1 November

Bust masked for airbrushing. I undercoated it in a dark olive green AV primer by hand because I like to work from dark to light with an airbrush. In the event very little survived. I used some Masking Putty for the first time to mask the edge of the cloak – strange stuff, plasticky but not sticky, and recyclable, I liked it. Cut off the thumb of a glove to cover the head.

Long time since I’ve used an airbrush and it took some time to get used to it. I bought a MAC exterior valve to control the air flow on my hose with my Iwata. Trying to get a speckle effect – sort of succeeded but only in spurts. As usual didn’t achieve the control I wanted and will shade with a brush. I’m thinking of airbrushes now for texturing more than shading

2 Nov

The body airbrushed. I still struggle to get the AB to do what I want but am determined to get better. At the moment I’ll settle for the interesting textures you can create with an AB and will use a brush for shading where I’m more comfortable and can exert more control. I think I will also use oil paints mostly , another ambition of mine is to get better with them.

The base I made a long time ago when I was experimenting with Fimo and some beads. Remembered I had it and dug it out. Could work for this when I paint it up a bit.

20th Nov

A little more progress despite constant interruptions –  airbrushed the skin tones but will need brushes to add shading. I might use oils.

Stencilled tribal tattoos on the shoulder which you cant really see in this picture. That was the main reason for trying to airbrush but I’m still struggling to get what I want out of my Iwata Custom B Micron. I was going to try and airbrush veins but will probably do it with oils instead.

Next – try to do a tartan pattern on the cloak. Drawing the guidelines with oil paint was suggested because you can correct mistakes.

22 Nov

So I didn’t use oils and I made mistakes. Tried a propelling pencil but it  didn’t work. Tried strips of masking tape but in the end I made two measuring template strips as recommended in my tartan tutorial on this site. I had a brain malfunction and added a thin cross line which shouldn’t have been there and had to paint it out. Also got the lines too thick – maybe use a pentel?

Because I used thick paint to correct my mistakes, the yellow doesn’t match so will need to be adjusted. Also not sure my blue is too dark. This took a whole evening but on the plus side I gained confidence – will tackle the rest and probably try to make it all look dingier and bring it together at the end by using washes or oil glazes.

22nd Nov

Aargh! This is my 4th attempt at painting the plaid and still far from perfect but I think I’ll stick. Hopefully a few glazes will knock it back and hide my ineptness. I’ve learned a few things: that I’m bad at measuring and that I need to stop painting this kind of pattern after a few hours because my painting deteriorates badly.

I’ve scrubbed off the paint at least three times with cotton buds and airbrush cleaner and several times thought of giving up the idea but my stubbornness kicked in. However I think I’m settling for this slightly weird version which at least has a malign insectoidal quality. I’ll also colour in the ‘cross over’ squares – probably in dark green – for variation and that’ll hopefully make it look less like a deck chair.

30 Nov

Enough now. I’ve spent nearly a week of painting time on trying to do a tartan and this is will have to do. A bit of tidying up and lots of washes.

Dec 22nd

Not much chance to paint with xmas looming but I have made some progress. Still more tweaking to do. I want to add a bracelet to the left wrist as I’ve seen in one build up. I used burnishing metal paint rather than NMM but may try more shading. Not sure about the blood either – Tamiya Clear Red and Smoke.

See the final pictures here