WIP: Phenomina

February 1

This figure is wonderfully twisted in that particular Japanese way. I hate the ‘anime’ style face which spoils so many of their sculptures but luckily the doe-like eyes, always the worst bit, are covered up and her super bulgy thighs cut short; so you can make believe it’s just a normal shaped woman.

I’ve added some extra strands to the rather too neat hairline and carved more grooves into it. My version had no pump pumping evil liquid into her temples – so I’ve scratch built one. I tried airbrushing some new alcohol based inks for the shading but they just made her jump suit look grubby, Still learned some useful properties – the inks wipe off easily with alcohol and they create very fine lining. Could still be useful.

20th February

Not a lot of progress but I have built a pump out of lego and sourced the wiring which will go into sockets in her head. Face and hair is undercoated but I haven’t started shading yet. I cut a block of wood for the base nut realised it was far too big. Bought a small wooden box in a charity shop instead and painted it black.


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