WIP: The Butcher

3rd June

After a longish break from doing any painting due to an ulcerated foot (basically I had to stay off my feet for two months or risk pain and swelling), I returned to this bust which I had already primed with spray cans; adding brown to the apron. The next stage will be to mask off and see if I can create some interesting veining and skin textures with an airbrush.

Masked ready for airbrushing

8th July

Textures done but lost contrast. Two air compressors have gone on strike because of this heat. Learned something useful today: strain white ink (I use tights) if you don’t feel like spending half an hour cleaning your airbrush! I started using white ink after watching Jordu Schell, it’s a great base for airbrushing,

10 July

Searching for a look, I was speckling with various coloured inks and a deep red gave me a blood spattered look that I quite like. Have to see if I can combine it with shading.

July 13

Tried a bunch of alcohol based inks which gave me a saturated look but it was getting too dark. I resprayed with a light flesh but then it looked bleached out and I lost the texture. Swabbed it off. Seems like I’m going round and round – either getting the shading or losing the texture.

Finally I redid the veining and the spotting, then put some fine mists over. It’s the best compromise I can find. Not much contrast generally. I’m accepting that he wants to be red, like a bloody Hulk. Hope the skin textures add interest. Will stop using my airbrush now. I’ve been trying out a Sotar 20/20 which I bought in the Badger birthday deal. It feels cheap, like a Ford Econoline brush, but I actually quite like it and it worked well for fine lines.

Friday 20

A bad day on Wednesday when I didn’t allow the Dullcote to dry properly – or maybe my hands were sticky – and found to my horror that great patches of paint came off on my fingers! Handling such a big piece is problematic. Yesterday I painted the apron and the base rim with Klear wax polish to protect it and give me something to hold, also the armpits which were seriously flaking. Having got away with this with the Space Animals, I knew that the finish is not too shiny and very tough and you can paint over it.

Reaching boredom threshold with this figure now and anxious to finish. I like the textures but it’s a little expected. I toyed with idea of a big blood spatter (as I did before) and took the risk. Dark red ink and gloss varnish mixed, some high gloss gel for wet spots. Reasonably happy with it. At least it’s dramatic and now he’s earned his name “Butcher”.