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3D in photoshop

Animation in Photoshop     Video Tutorial: Creating a snowscene Video tutorial: Creating Falling Rain

A brief introduction to Camera Raw

Opacity vs Fill by Natalia Taffarel  

Introducing custom brushes

Introducing patterns and textures

Using Smart Objects             Using Smart Objects – brief handout (PDF)

Video tutorial by Garett Franz on Vimeo  

Automating Photoshop

Using the Pen Tool

Tips on sharpening images

Week 4: Retouching basics

eyes picture

  Channel Mixer Preset

¬†Instructions To use these Actions, download them first. Actions can be installed in Photoshop by using the ActionPalette Menu or sometimes just by double-clicking on the action ‘.atn’ file. Create a Jig Saw Puzzle Action Convert a photo to a pencil drawing Add a film roll edge to a photo    

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Links to websites with Photoshop resources and materials: Adobe Marketplace and Exchange – official Adobe site for add-ons, join for free   Retouching Vimeo Group – useful collection of tutorial videos (including some of the ones on this site) QBrushes – free Photoshop brushes Texture Lovers – high quality free textures Media Militia – collections […]

Some free Photoshop brushes to download and experiment with

Background images to experiment with

Here are some royalty free graphics for practice purposes:

Here are some royalty free graphics for practice purposes:

Exercise files

Exercise files

Essential Photoshop Keyboard shortcuts and power tips

Video Tutorial on a Quick Retouch Workflow

Video tutorial on Removing A Colour Cast

Video Tutorials on Using Grids & Guides

Video tutorials on making and using Photoshop actions

Video tutorials on using Smart Objects

Video tutorials on cleaning up poor quality images

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Video tutorials on basic copying and selecting using Photoshop layers

Video tutorials on the use of channels and masks