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Western Figure Kits

Western Figures 54 to 1/6 Maker Scale Material Image
Annie Oakley,
Roger Saunders 1/32 metal
Bat Masterson Roger Saunders 1/32 metal
Belle Starr Roger Saunders 1/32 metal
Buffalo Bill Roger Saunders 1/32 metal
Doc Halliday Roger Saunders 1/32 metal
Judge Roy Bean Roger Saunders 1/32 metal
Gambler Series 77 80 mm metal  image
Gunfighter Whittlesey 80 mm metal
Gunfighter Firing Ray Brown 120 mm metal
Gunfighter Glamour Andrea 1/32 metal
Gunfighter Leaning Little Generals 90 mm metal
Western Bank Robber Pegaso 1/32 metal
Marshall’s Office Andrea 90 mm metal
Mountain Man Praying Little Generals 150 mm metal  image
Mountain Man Running Little Generals 150 mm metal
Mountain Man with rabbit Little Generals 150 mm metal image
Rendezvous Trader Worster 80 mm metal
Chuck Wagon Andrea 1/32 metal
Sherrif / Town Taming Worster 100 mm metal
Western Doctor Little Generals 150 mm metal  image
Wyatt Earp Roger Saunders 1/32 metal
Wyatt Earp Jaguar 200 mm resin
Wyatt Earp (figure) Warpaint Studio 1/6 resin
Cowboy PiliPili 120mm resin
Lawman Reheat 120mm resin
Confederate Guerilla Legends 1/9 Bust resin
Old Chap El Viejo Dragon 120mm resin
Pale Rider Andrea 1/32 metal
US Marshall (bust) Carl Reid 1/8 resin
Doc Halliday CGS Military 1/8 resin
Trooper Dolman Miniatures 1/10 resin

Western Figure Kit Gallery

Here’s a selection of pictures from my current collection of unbuilt kits. These pictures are for nosy modelers like me who want to know what kits other people have and what they look like. (Also quite a few of them are now out of circulation) Please note the assembled kits are not my work, the pictures are for reference only; either box-art or pictures I found on the web. Unfortunately I’ve lost track of where all the pictures originally come from but if you do spot some of your handiwork, I’m happy to either give you the credit for it, or to take it down, as you wish.


Please note
This is a list of the kits I had in my collection a few years ago – NOT kits I’m trying to sell.
I’m a modeler not a model dealer – although I do occasionally sell some of kits to buy new ones.