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Monster Figure Garage Kits

Monsters Kit producer Scale
Thumpin Guts Avatar Creations 1/6 Resin
Decapitator Bowen Designs 1/6 Resin
Jimmy Legs Bowen Designs 1/6 Resin
Devilman Max Factory 1/6 Resin
Alex the Vampire Spectral Motion 1/4, bust  images
Moonsinger Newmanoid  1/6 Resin  images
Blood Warrior Warriors  1/8, bust
Celtic Vampire Warriors  1/8, bust  image
Roi des Mortes Metal Modeles  80mm
Bat thing Kolokontes 1/8, bust
Moonlight Pegaso  200mm, bust
Blackheart River Bottom Gabriel Marques  1/6, Resin
Frankenstein Industria Mechanika  1/6, Resin
Swamp Demon Resin in Motion  1/6 Resin
Who Dares Disturb . . .
Robert Blair  1/6 Resin
Reaper Jiver Productions   1/6 Resin bust
Nosferatu Spoiled Brat Models 1/8 Resin bust
Mine Sean Nagle  1/8 Resin  image
Ol’ Scratch Shiflett Bros 1/8 Resin
Butterball SpiderZero 1/8 Resin
Zombie bust A Kolokontes 1/8 Foam latex image
Angel of Death Three Kings 1/6 Resin
Cthulu Priest Dean Eyre 1/8 Resin
Cthulu Giorgos Tsougkouzidi 1/8 Resin
The Butcher Creature Features 1/6 Resin
God of The Deep Collapse Industries 1/8 Resin
Demon On Souls Creature Features 1/8 Resin

Garage Figure Kit Archives – Monsters Gallery

Here’s a selection of pictures from my collection of unbuilt kits, past and present. These pictures are for nosy modelers like me who want to know what kits other people have and what they look like. (Also quite a few of them are now out of circulation and therefore may be of interest).

Please note the assembled kits photographed here are not my work, the pictures are for reference only; either box-art or pictures I found on the web. Unfortunately I’ve lost track of where all the pictures originally come from but if you do spot some of your handiwork, I’m happy to either give you the credit for it, or to take it down, as you wish.

Please note
This is a list of the kits I have in my collection – NOT kits I’m trying to sell.  (I’m a modeler not a model dealer – although I do occasionally sell some of my kits to buy new ones) I put the details up here for other model geeks who like to collect information on kits and for general eye-candy purposes.