Figure Kit Archives: Fewture

Figure kit archives: Fewture

Fewture were a Japanese model company that produced a limited range of resin kits for a short while that were difficult to find in the USA, and almost impossible in the UK. Their chief distinction was that they offered kit versions of the sculptures of such distinguished Japanese artists as Takayuki Takeya and Yasushi Nirasawa.

The kits were not nearly as fine as the original sculptures (see the illustrated books on these artists) but still very different from most other garage kits – a unique gothic blend of Western pop culture and Japanese influences: insect and machine-like hybrids; fur, scales and metal textures in bizarre combinations, Many are quite extreme in their subject matter but they are also often graceful and delicate. Needless to say, these kits are amongst the most prized in my collection.

Fewture Models  Sculptor Scale Image
Skullbite 1/8
Skullstein 1/8
Skinny Mummy 1/8
Boltstein 1/6
Death 1/6
Guillotina Yasushi Nirasawa 1/6
Raped Bee Woman Yasushi Nirasawa 1/6
Nina Darkness Yasushi Nirasawa 1/6
Nirasawa Devilman Yasushi Nirasawa 1/6
Man Vampire 2 Yasushi Nirasawa 1/6  image
Nina Dolono Yasushi Nirasawa 1/6
Pusher Hopper Takayuki Takeya 1/6
Sitting Hell Takayuki Takeya 1/6

Fewture kit gallery

Here’s a selection of pictures from my current collection of unbuilt kits. These pictures are for nosy modelers like me who want to know what kits other people have and what they look like. (Also quite a few of them are now out of circulation) Please note the assembled kits are not my work, the pictures are for reference only; either box-art or pictures I found on the web. Unfortunately I’ve lost track of where all the pictures originally come from but if you do spot some of your handiwork, I’m happy to either give you the credit for it, or to take it down, as you wish.

Please note
This is a list of the kits I have in my collection – NOT kits I’m trying to sell.  (I’m a modeler not a model dealer – although I do occasionally sell some of my kits to buy new ones) I put the details up here for other model geeks who like to collect information on kits and for general eye-candy purposes.