Not another f***ing space marine . . .


Squosk – a recent acquisition

A disappointing week last week. I had booked for a painting masterclass but it was cancelled a day before it was due to start. I was disappointed on two counts – I hoped to improve my painting skills and also to meet people who were interested in the same things.

That second goal is proving to be the hardest of all to achieve. Never mind meeting people in the flesh, there isn’t even really a UK forum online which matches my interests, it’s either military or gaming enthusiasts who seem mainly to be  fixated on Games Workshop in rather the same way Microsoft PC users once lived in a universe without Apple or Linux – so if you’re not painting the latest death-star zombie nurgle or whatever, there’s really nothing to talk about.

I’ve just reluctantly given up on a promising UK based figure modelling site – and there aren’t many of those – because I couldn’t get any kind of dialogue going with its GW orientated users. It wasn’t so much pique as a dawning realisation that they just weren’t that interested in anything outside their sphere. Unfortunately these are are the only kind of local forums I can find.

I started with GW and I acknowledge elsewhere on this site the great work they do introducing new blood to the hobby, but, god, am I depressed by the stranglehold they seem to have on people’s imagination.

I even thought about sub-titling this site with the name of this post . . .

When I see another exquisitely painted space marine (much better painted than I could ever do in all probability) my immediate reaction is to think: yes, now let’s see you do something else, please.

There is so much great fantasy sculpting out there; both at gaming scale and larger scale. Some of it is quite beautiful  – and alarming.

(I like my fantasy to be a little disturbing).