The 99p Store treasures


I love the 99 pence store because it’s a real treasure trove for modellers. I’m always finding things I can use or adapt.

In the picture – all for 99p each –  is a pinky coloured  holder thingy that I put my hand vice-holder in  (I filled the bottom with sand to make it more stable)

Some nifty little boxes for organising things.

A misting spray bottle from a travel pack for wetting my palette.

An extra strong pair of reading glasses so I can see close-up when I need to. I buy these in 3 and 4 strengths and keep them specifically for fine paint work. Why wear heavy jeweller’s goggles?

A glass jar with a lid to hold purified water and dash of detergent – for cleaning my posh brushes

A neck support cushion which works brilliantly as a wrist support when you are painting those fine details.

I also buy lots of their plastic storage containers for keeping bits and pieces in and for making into wet palettes (you can get sponges, wet-wipes and baking paper too). And packets of cheap Chinese made hog-hair brushes for those rough jobs – like spreading glue.

This is all much cheaper than the specialist stuff you buy in any model shop and often more useful



A new find – A Baby Wet Wipe carry box. This is a shallow plastic hinged case about the size of a thin paperback which is perfect for making a wet palette. I just spent £3 ordering something very similar to this from a German model site.