Attaching hair


From The Clubhouse Forum:

Question: What the best way to attach real hair to a kit?

A: Seal your work, then use a some Golden Fluid Matte Medium (Liquitex Matte Medium Gel will work well, too) on a brush for the glue. Apply it to where you want the hair, then gently push the hair into place and let it dry. The medium will dry flat and clear, and hold the hair w/out a problem. Once it’s dry you can trim the hair anyway you like.

Always work in rows( or layers for a better word), from the bottom up, this way the rows will cover the roots of the previous ones below them. it makes it almost impossible to see how its been attached.

Attaching Hair by Larry Brackney – from Gremlins

crypt2Perhaps a little old now but still useful, a basic tutorial on attaching synthetic hair.

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Article on attaching real hair to a bust

Useful article by Neil Marshall from Military Modelling magazine

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Article on attaching hair by Alan Friedman from Modeler’s Resource

Part 1 of a very useful article on the selection and preparation of hair for use on a model


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Attaching Hair on a Doll – Morezmore

Useful article on attaching hair to a doll

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