Turntables and Lazy Susans

It was watching Jordu Schell working on a bust in his brilliant Stan Winston tutorial that reminded me how useful it is to be able to rotate something when you use an airbrush to get an even spray. It’s also just nice to be able to swing something around and view it from every angle. It makes it easier to appraise and spot mistakes in your work.

Research showed that the kind of thing I had in mind varied hugely in price but eventually I tracked down a Metal Pottery Table that wasn’t too expensive and was strong enough and big enough to take the bust I was working on.


Great for busts but not so great for diorama’s and long, flat kits where you need to keep them close to the ground. I went in search of a Lazy Susan and, again, there was plenty of choice and lots of price variation. My first purchase was cheap but a disaster; instead of ball bearings it had plastic balls inside it. Fortunately I got a refund without a problem and my second choice is just as cheap and works fine.