Euro Militaire 2018

So it’s down to Folkestone on a damp but luckily not too cold  day. The town looks a little less funky and more depressed than on my last visit and I encounter two people with mental health problems in the space of twenty minutes. But at least I know a few nice cafes and I don’t get lost on the way to the Pavilion.

As in previous years, I don’t find much unique in the market hall but I acquire some more Vallejo metallic wax paints and Mr Surfacer products. Kyle Cruikshank of Mr Lee Minis has the most interesting selection of figures and I buy a Romain Van Den Bogaert bust “Manta” from him.

Since I wasn’t feeling well, I didn’t stay as long as usual but I paid a quick visit to the competition hall where I bump into some guys who did the Alfonzo class.

I thought the rendering of the new Mr Lee bust ‘Frankenstein’ was outstanding – see below – and I take some snaps of varying versions of the Kohanna figure as useful references for next month’s Lan’s class.