WIP: The Grand Inquisitor

I don’t remember the real name of this mini or who made it but I liked the bored expression of the little fat man and the massive over-the-top skull throne and I ordered the executioner separately because I thought it might make a nice vignette. (Come to think of it I have a lot of throned models; I’ve had a liking for them ever since the fat Phoenix baddy – I suppose because of their vignette potential)

I started this as a side project to the Mountain Man because I needed something to do that was less ‘serious’ – in keeping with my intention to have more fun with the hobby.  I used it as my first experiment with pre-shading by spraying with black primer and then white. Turned out quite well.

As I’ve been making a batch of custom glazes, I’ve tried them out on these figures as I went along. Many glazes later I found that the throne worked quite nicely  but I ended up painting over a lot of it on the man. Pre-shading really is ideal for ink washes and glazes.

Not wanting to spend too long on the vignette idea I had for these figures, I decided to buy a resin base. The only one I could find that was roughly the right size was ornamented with bones and – I think – was meant to represent parched desert earth. Painted grey, it could just about be gothic paving.

I cut out irregular pieces of mounting board and covered them with milliput to make a dias for the throne. The Executioner’s position was a problem. I wanted him to be lurking in the shadows but there was no ideal position for him. To make matters worse, most of his feet – which were ill defined anyway – came off when I sawed of the metal base he was cast onto.

In the end I positioned him on a little platform to one side which also let me re-model his feet. A lot of paint came off the figure with all the handling. I’ve recovered him in basic black and may get around to shading some day.




I was looking for something else when I came across this Frank Frazetta illustration which much have lodged itself somewhere in my unconscious. I did think that the tableau would benefit from a kneeling figure (nothing original there, most tableaux of this kind have one) but I didn’t have anything suitable. Have to keep looking now. It will be hard to find one so ‘well endowed’ though . . .

Executioner by Frank Frazetta