Step by Step Painting Tutorials


Step by Step Painting Tutorials

This is a selection of tutorials I found online that I have found particulatly interesting or helpful.

With all these tutorials, you can click on the link embedded in each title to go to the original source material –  or, if you wish, download a PDF backup of the page they are on.

Why the PDFs? Well, I created them as an ‘insurance policy’ because I have been disappointed to find in the past that some of my favourite tutorials suddenly disappeared from the web. Also a few of the backups have been translated (with varying degrees of success) into English from their original language – saving you the trouble of doing it.


Painting A Bust by Stephen Mallia

A thorough and informative tutorial from the El Greco website

(Download PDF version)


Painting ‘Cowboy On A Horse’ by Jean Francois Pierre

(Download PDF version in English)

Braveheart Bust – Ernesto Reyes, ER Miniatures

SBS of build from start to finish. Useful guide to building fleshtones

Download PDF version

Painting Horses – Amory Paints instruction book

This is an old instruction booklet produced by Armory in the eighties which has some useful information on painting horses.


(Download PDF file)

 Painting Leather Boots by Grant Gellatly – Planetfigure


Great tutorial on achieving a worn black leather effect

(Download PDF backup)

My way of using oil paints – by Ron Clark

This very stimulating SBS originally appeared on Planet Figure. Ron Clark gives a step by step demonstration of his own technique for creating depth and luminosity using oil paints.


(Download PDF backup version by kind permission of author)