Build Ups: Hunting Mountain Man


Hunting Mountain Man (Little Generals)

200mm metal kit. There is a workbench article on building this kit.

I don’t think Ron Hinote gave a name to this figure – unlike “Praying Mountain Man” and “Running Mountain Man” which I also have –¬† so I’ve chosen his sobriquet to distinguish him when I get around to building the others.

Finally finished him! (There are pictures of the painting and building process in the Workbench section). I’m not particularly happy with these pictures and they don’t show the left side of the figure but they’ll do for the moment.

Final stage of build before basework

This is the first kit I’ve completed from start to finish for years and the largest metal kit I’ve ever built.

Big learning curve and I’m definitely out of practice.

I love working with paint and experimenting, hence my ‘messy’ style. I’m trying to discipline myself to stop when I get to a certain stage with a kit; call it a day and move on. Otherwise I can just keep fiddling forever . . .

I hauled out my other LG Mountain Men when I started this, thinking I might ‘dash off’ all three; but I definitely am going to need a break from this type of kit first; it’s been a tougher challenge than I thought.

It’s not that the kits are not well sculpted – they are – but putting them together is probably more tricky than an Andrea or a Pegaso because production standards – sleekness, ease of assembly – has improved considerably since the 80’s. You also have to paint in or differentiate some of the detail because it’s not sculpted on

Looking at the box-art, I also remember how impressed I was by it; but now it seems less polished than the little masterpieces that are commonplace today. They were cruder times. Ron Hinote’s catalogue was just a poorly photocopied folder of sheets and there was no website to visit.