Build Ups: Skull Soldier


This is a rare outof production vinyl kit by the master sculptor Takayuki Takeya that I was once offered for $250.00. I found this one on auction half built up for $60. I stripped it (an education in itself) and repainted it using acrylics and inks.

This kit is often painted quite effectively in metallic shades. I tried instead to imitate the paint job on Takeya’s wonderful original sculpture; building up layers of ink washes to get the old leather effect on the armour. It came out not nearly as “organic” as the original but I was quite pleased with it.

The yellowed bone of the skull mask was achieved by going right back to the white vinyl and tinting it. It was an exercise in blending with acrylic paints. I did use an airbrush but only for foundation work.

skull2 skull3