Build Ups: Summon Guardian

Summon Guardian – Sol Models

This kit was my very first vinyl kit and really my first proper garage kit; so a real learning curve!

I had to re-undercoat it because I used the wrong kind of paint the first time. I filled the body with foam and made the base out of foam slabs.

It would have been a lot easier if the female figure hadn’t had one leg a lot shorter than the other. I stretched it as much as I could but still had to fill with putty around the hemline and it took forever to get reasonably smooth. With the minimal instructions I didn’t realise that the ogre was meant to hold the cloak by the corners so I forced the fingers around the hem.

Slightly different approach. Have since done another couple of vinyl kits and found they take more preparation than any other kind.

I painted it with acrylics and inks. Used an airbrush for the first time on the cloak. Enjoyed the armour where I played around with dozens of metallic and green/brown washes.

Summon Guardian Summon Guardian