Hobby and fan sites

Sites I’m always visiting

Planetfigure – despite a military bias this is easily the best site on the web for figure modellers with news, reviews, chat and tutorials from the cream of sculptors, painters and model producers from around the world.

The Clubhouse forum for garage kit enthusiasts with an international membership. A real nose-to-the-ground site for larger scale resin kits.

CoolMiniOrNot – features a trillion stubby, over-detailed GW figures but also the work of some seriously good larger scale painters. There’s usually something new to look at.

Tuto-fig – assorted collection of modelling tutorials, many on video, in different languages.

Garage kit hobbyist sites

Gremlins – granddaddy of garage kit sites; many archive pictures & contact details; mailing list for kit builders.

Buc Wheat’s Modeling Website – up to date details of new releases
Jerry Buchanan – modeller and kit producer; great links page
Scalemodel Index – comprehensive links index of all model sites
Cody’sCoop – a lot of anime but some nice painting too

ColouredDust – some great tutorials from Polish painter

Painting Guru sites (we are not worthy):

Modelzone – professional painter Joe Dunaway’s amazing and prolific work

Si Vous Play – site showing Jim Jackson’s intimidatingly good work


Chuck Needham – sculptor of unusual historical and mythical figures.
Thomas Kuntz– sculptor behind Artomic Creations; unique vision.

James Groman

Tim Bruckner – famous pop sculptor

Thomas Kuebler – amazing latex sculptures, often bizarre

Publications: – Site of ‘Amazing Figure Modeller, probably the best GK magazine out; includes special kits and tutorials.
Figure Painter Magazine – a good general e-zine

Model producers (General):

Andrea Miniatures – indefatigable Spanish company with wide range of figures, including western, fantasy and historical subjects.

Young Miniatures – producers of a range of finely sculpted military busts and some figures

Romeo Models – variety of figures and busts including some great western kits.

El Viejo Dragon – idiosyncratic Spanish company; some weird and wonderful kits

Nocturna Models – excellent range of historical and fantasy 54mm kits

Pegaso Models – some great historical figures

Industria Mechanika – expensive but unique large resin kis

Studio Mcvey – individualistic kits

Grey Matter Figures – a few interesting fantasy kits

Pilipili Miniatures – sculpting quality varies but their range of subjects is diverse.

Jaguar – Military kits with some fantasy and western figures

Valiant Miniatures

Beneito Miniatures – mainly historical

Adalbertus – Polish model producer

UK Kit Dealers (General):

SK Miniatures – excellent and reliable UK dealer with good range of kits

El Greco Miniatures – super-helpful and friendly UK dealers with great stock

Historex Agents – oldest UK military figure dealership; carry wide range of figures, european, UK and US companies.
Sentinel Miniatures

Model Producers (Garage Kit):

Blue Radish Studios
Eldritch Design
Menagerie Productions – original and beautiful stuff from Tony McVey
N & T Productions – quality UK garage kit company.
Twin Flame Hobby and Design

Zotz – some of the most original kits around

Kit Dealers (Garage Kit):

Mooncrest Models
Nocturna Productions – David Fisher’s company; kits and tutorials
G-Force – mainstream kits and pre-paints
HobbyLink Japan – source for obscure japanese and anime kits.
Monsters In Motion – encyclopedic stock from prime US GK dealers
Monsters Direct
Pegasus Hobbies

Gaming Miniature sites:

Dirk Stiller – gaming figure painter.
Thunderbolt Mountain Miniatures
Denizen Miniatures

Steel Demons – nice hobbyist site


Bare-Metal Foil & Hobby Co. – stick on metal foil
Archer transfers – useful eyeball decals
Micromark – ultimate tools site

Other stuff:

Zen & the Art of Model Making – if Robert Pirsig had been a modeller

Scale Model Database for Paints – very useful for finding an exact shade of paint