WIP: Little Generals Gunfighter

Little Generals Gunfighter – 90mm

After tackling my first LG kit, I was keen to do another one and this smaller and simpler figure seemed less challenging.

There were a couple of things I didn’t like about it – the ‘chunkiness’ of the hat brim and coat collar – and I decided to see if I could file them thinner with a rotary tool on a dremel. It sort of worked but I lost the detail on the hat band and it’s given me second thoughts about how I approach other LG figures.

(Ron Hinote’s scuplting is pretty chunky and sometimes I wish there was more undercutting – particularly round the faces (see his Kneeling Apache). I was thinking about trying to cut away and create this by building up the edges with putty and I may still give it a go . Or I could just try to trompe l’oeil it instead . . . mmm.)


The kit unassembled – pretty simple


Put together

Black gesso

I used Black gesso as an undercoat on his coat, hat and pants and was quite pleased with the way it covered and smoothed the surface. May well try that again.


Basic undercoat and shading

As an experiment, I tried shading the black coat with my cheapest airbrush and the Andrea black paint set. I was timid with it but it has convinced me that airbrushing can work at this scale – will try it again

Jo Sonja

Having recently acquired some of these paints, I mixed up a flesh tone. Don’t know if they are a great as they’re cracked up to be just yet but they have great covering power.

The figure has already had a couple of accidents. One from me when I chipped paint off the edge of the coat and one when my wife knocked it over and gouged a hole in a hand. I repaired the coat with gesso because paint just wasn’t cutting it. The JS paint covered the hand.

UPDATE – 11 July 2013

Pretty well finished. Am I thrilled with my paint-job? No, not really. I was out of practice but also I think this wasn’t the right figure for me to tackle just now.

LG kits are a bit fuzzy detail-wise which can be a challenge but only if you’re in the right mood.¬† I’ll have to choose the next one more carefully and not leave so long between kits – so easy to get rusty!

The base was made out of Fimo in the 80’s at a time when I was experimenting with making moulds. It’s a bit lop-sided but a good match for the figure base, I thought