New workspace

It’s been over six months since I’ve done anything modelling related due to various changes in my life. Most significant of them being a total change of address. I haven’t moved house in twenty five years and I’d forgotten just how much upheaval is involved. And it’s still going on.¬† As I write this, I am surrounded by guys on scaffolding outside the window who are working at putting on a new roof to the house. (The reason we need a new roof is another story involving an asshole developer but I won’t bore you with that here.)

One of the best things about the move is that I finally get a workspace of my own completely devoted to my hobby. This is my old one which wasn’t too bad but could feel a little cramped at times. It was the corner of a large room at the top of the old house:


My new space is down at the bottom of our garden and it’s completely self-contained. It’s what they call a ‘garden room’, basically a posh shed, 4 metres by 5 metres, put up by a company called Green Retreats. The best thing about it is that it’s very well insulated; even when the weather is freezing, it still feels warm inside.


I haven’t had time yet to do anything but unpack my modelling gear and arrange it very roughly on the shelves but you already see that, with some organisation, it’s going to be a nice space to work in. I have an old computer and a radio tuner rigged up to entertain me while I work. Best of all – I actually have somewhere to keep and display some of my completed figures.



21 July 2018

Where else would you go on a fine summer’s night?