WIP: Mine – Sean Nagle


Werewolf figures are hard to get right. I’ve never been a fan of the Lon Chaney wolf’s head-on-a-man type (like the Oliver Reed Hammer bust). Moonsinger was pretty good, the Moonlight Pegaso bust is just wacky and fun; and I really liked this mean looking lycanthrope clutching a spinal cord for the expressiveness of the sculp. I bought this kit originally a few years ago but sold it as part of an ill-considered kit purge when I was taking a break from the hobby – something I later regretted. When it came on e-bay, I seized the chance to reacquire it.

I don’t remember the quality of my original kit that well but this was definitely a very rough late-in-the-run casting. Not only did it have very strong mould-lines, it had many bubbles and pits – including some in inconvenient places like the fangs – and bits of the rubber mould embedded in it. If it hadn’t got Sean Nagle’s signature on the base, I might even have thought it was a recast.


With the worst of the flash removed and some of the mould lines

Cleaned up and pinned ready for gluing

Cleaned up and pinned ready for gluing

Figure assembled and with seams filled

Figure assembled and with seams filled

19 June

Normally I’d try to mount the figure on a piece of scrap wood while I worked on it for greater access but this time the angle of the legs meant it would have been incoveniently sloping down instead of up – so I attached it to the resin base,

I attached the resin base onto a wooden one (glue and screws are my preference – for safety) and masked it to protect it. Luckily it’s fairly light. I was going to prime this with Vallejo primers but instead ended up doing a rough pre-shading job with rattle cans of Plastikote Grey, Citadel Skull White and Army Painter Black. It’s crude but it will do. I primed the bones with white.


June 25th


Beginning to shade for high contrast – head done

I’ve been watching the new  Alfonso Giraldes video on Miniature Mentors and was intrigued by his technique which is to start with a strong chiarascuro effect by spraying white on black and then adding colour as an overlay. The best painted versions of Mine I’ve seen have been those closest to the comic artwork so it seemed a natural way to go.

I messed up initially by washing in what I thought was Paynes Grey ink but was actually Back Pearlescent! Should have put my glasses on. I’m using a blue grey base. Another thing I want to try with this kit is water based oils (probably blue/ brown, violet glazes) but only right at the end. I know in theory you can seal oils and put acrylics over them but I don’t feel like risking it.

26th June

Basic shading on werewolf completed - some colouring

Basic shading on werewolf completed – some colouring

 29th June


Added a little bit of violet glaze to the fur with water-based oils – another first. They were nice to work with and although this isn’t the right kit, I definitely want to try them on something soon.

See the final pictures here