Little Generals – Praying Mountain Man


12 July 2015

Time to tackle another of my favourite Ron Hinote kits. I particularly liked the face of this figure and the slightly desolate windswept feel – a reminder of how lonely the life of a Mountain Man was. Fortunately I checked this kit soon after I received it and realised there were no arms included. Ron sent me some with the note: “he’s got to have something to hold his bible.”

I’m starting this kit before I’ve finished the other LG kit Western Doctor which is new for me but something I can do in my new space since I now have two separate workbenches for building and painting. As always with these old metal kits, a lot of prep work to do before I can prime.


4th August

Figure primed. As before I’ve used grey, black and white primers in rattle cans to do some preshading. May attach the arms before I begin painting but the hands will have to wait to last.



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