Little Generals – Praying Mountain Man


12 July 2015

Time to tackle another of my favourite Ron Hinote kits. I particularly liked the face of this figure and the slightly desolate windswept feel – a reminder of how lonely the life of a Mountain Man was. Fortunately I checked this kit soon after I received it and realised there were no arms included. Ron sent me some with the note: “he’s got to have something to hold his bible.”

I’m starting this kit before I’ve finished the other LG kit Western Doctor which is new for me but something I can do in my new space since I now have two separate workbenches for building and painting. As always with these old metal kits, a lot of prep work to do before I can prime.


4th August

Figure primed. As before I’ve used grey, black and white primers in rattle cans to do some preshading. May attach the arms before I begin painting but the hands will have to wait to last.


12 October 2017

Two years later! Having finally completed the Western Doctor, I’ve moved on to this. So far blocked in the main colour scheme although I might change my mind over the trousers and buckskin arms.

19 October

Figure is broadly finished. I was going to mount it on a chunky base made of a round of cut wood with the bark on but, unless I bulked up the groundwork into a hillock which I don’t feel like doing, it would have overwhelmed it. Settled instead for a junk-shop plaque of about the right size. It’s battered but I can do it up.

Haven’t painted the groundwork yet or added leaves, grasses etc. May do some final shading with oils and tone down the white beadwork. May also convert it into a snow scene. I have a kit for this which I haven’t used before. As always, I’m hankering to move on. I think my next project will be larger scale and less fiddly – a bust maybe.

See the final pictures here