WIP: Jordu Schell busts

October 2017

After the long fiddly job on the Little Generals kits that I’ve just completed, I wanted to do something next where I had very little assembly to do and could concentrate on painting.

I bought these two busts separately: the Supreme Intelligence directly from Schell Studios which took a frustratingly long time to be dispatched and then I got hit with a high duty charge which kind of put me off buying more. However I really liked the sculpting so when somebody in the UK put up Lars Bundlestick for sale, I grabbed it.

Tonally, I think I’m going to go for opposites: cold and warm colours. I’d like to try some new texturing techniques – possibly using airbrush stencils. I’ve also seen a version of Lars covered in a fine fuzz of hair which might be worth attempting to copy.

1 November

Busts primed and ready for painting. I originally primed them in different colours but ended with a dominant white (Tamiya Fine). I sprayed the bases matt black and dusted with brown to look like wood which I prefer to plain old black,


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