WIP: Blaylock and Hog


3rd May 2015

After a long break from modelling, I’m getting back into it again with this 200 mm steampunk biker from MDC that I bought at the last EuroMilitaire. The kit has a great feel to it and lots of detail. I like the combination of steampunk with (to my mind) a 60’s sensibility – a sort of¬†Victorian ‘Easy Rider‘ starring Donald Sutherland.

The clean up job has been quite extensive because the kit comes in big chunks. That saves the trouble of fiddling with lots of little parts but it also means that there has been a lot of filling in to enable moulding – literally bits of putty sticking the detail together.

I carved some of the more obtrusive bits away but I reckon that a lot of it will just have to be blacked out. Working up from a black undercoat therefore seems mandatory. It would also suit the preponderance of metal in the kit.

I don’t like the gun which suffers from over-embellishment and thought about removing it or substituting something else but I think ultimately you have to accept a kit for what it is – or not bother. Such charm and individuality as this figure has is dependent on it being a broad comic-book character – shouldn’t really try and change that.


10th May

Undercoated with black Citadel Chaos and white zenithal highlights. I debated just using black but I like some shading to inspire me. I’m keeping the kit in 4 pieces for now for ease of painting. Particularly I want to postpone putting on the front wheel shaft and handle bars to make sure I can get his hand resting on it.

I could have spent longer on the preparation but didn’t really feel it was warranted. I gave him an earring. Thought about single dread-locks but felt it would be too much. Might still add a feather to the hat. I built up his pigeon chest and arms a bit with filler to make him less cartoony. The whip had broken off so I used wire instead – an improvement I think.


May 16th

Starting to block in the colours. I want to keep it subdued in tone and slightly grungy. I’m trying out a new collection of Jo Sonja paints which are excellent with really good coverage and also a collection of military blacks for different shades of rubber, most of them brown tinged. I wanted to try out Mr Metal paints on this kit but annoyingly they seem to have gone missing in the move.


21 May

Ordered some more Mr Metal paints to replace the lost ones – which arrived today – and I was pretty pleased with the effects I got with them! You can buff them almost as soon as they’re dry and get a pretty good metal shine. I read online that you need to protect the finish so I painted on a Liquitex Gloss Varnish but honestly I think they are as robust as any acrylic paint.

Only drawback – you cant thin them with water. I might try some Tamiya thinner but I’ve also ordered some Mr Color Thinner and more metal shades. Will definitely use them again.


30 May

Finished and photographed. It was quite a struggle to pin it on to the base – which I almost didn’t use because it struck me as too regular and symmetrical. In the end though, it was too much trouble to make another base for it.

I could have spent much longer on the figure doing things like shading the tassles on the handlebars but I’d kind of lost interest. Now have to decide whether I want to tackle the companion piece – a robot horse and rider – or move on.