Brush Cleaners


Brush Cleaner

Here’s a nice tip from Bijou at Eureka Miniatures

Buy yourself an old fashioned ‘stamp licker’ sponge, the kind used for counting bank notes or licking stamps.


Substitute, if you feel it’s necessary, a more absorbent piece of sponge; like the kind in GW blister packs. Add a little water and a little detergent and – voila! You have a handy bristle cleaner for your brushes

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David Clough 2015

Bought this porcelain ginger grater in Lakeland for 3 quid and found it really useful for cleaning the bristles of brushes. The ‘teeth’ (bumps?) are just the right size and easy to clean. I’ve been using it a lot.

The brush beside it is a speckling brush – great for producing random spots of paint but you have to make sure it’s pointing the right way or you end up with a face full of purple freckles!